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Online Piano Lessons
 Grades K-12  
Adults too!

Online lessons are offered for students ages 5 (must be in Kindergarten) through adult.  Lessons are taught over Zoom and are available for all programs.  Enjoy lessons from the comfort of your own home! 


How Do Online Lessons Work? 

Online lessons are taught over Zoom using my digital piano and fun, interactive program that enhances the learning environment of the students.  Students can use a phone, tablet or a laptop that has a decent connection to the internet.  Online lessons allow you to stay in the comfort of your home without having to go out to have your lessons.  You just need to be set up that I can see your hand position on the piano.  They are held following basically the same procedure as in person, except that they are held at your home with your keyboard and a few little changes:

  •  Joining the Lesson: I will send you the invitation to the Zoom lesson the day before the lesson.  When it is time for the lesson, I will open the lesson for you to join. 

  • Sheet Music: I will send you the music the day before your lesson either by email or by Messenger for you to print off at home.  If it is a song that needs to be purchased, I will send you the link to purchase the song.  

  • Materials you will need at home: 

    • a binder for your music 

    • a hole punch to put holes in your music to put in your binder (sheets should be put in order that we learn them) 

    • a sharpened pencil to be kept on your piano

    • highlighters in a case in the following colours: pink, green, blue, orange, yellow, purple and a thin red marker

    • 1 can of Play Doh (you choose the colour) for your first few weeks of lessons

  • Parent Involvement: For students ages 5 through Grade 3 (minimum), I do request that parents be present during the lesson to help in case the student needs a bit of extra help on their end.  This also helps to keep them focused during the lesson.  While I do what I can to keep their attention, sometimes they need that little extra help to focus or to follow their music. Sometimes interpreting from the screen to the keyboard can be a bit difficult, so the extra help of a parent can help them to have success.


  • Rewards: Students will still be expected to practice according what is indicated for their age level.  Students are asked to keep track of their practice time weekly and report it at their lesson.  I will keep the Sticker Chart here and show them each week how many stickers they get. As they complete each column of their Sticker Chart, they will win one prize from the Treasure Box.  Three times a year (or four for students who take summer lessons), students will choose their Treasure Box items.  The goodies can then be picked up at my place.

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