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Lori Cummings


Lori holds a Bachelor of Education with a focus in Music Education from UNB.  After several years of teaching elementary-aged students in the New Brunswick public school system, she opened her own piano studio, Lessons with Lori Piano Lessons and Tutoring, in 2003. She has a passion for Music Education, and strives to teach her students according to their learning style and musical interests using a variety of teaching tools and teaching strategies.

Lori has also directed school and church choirs and has worked with several children's programs both as a leader and as a musician.  She spent many years playing for church services and weddings as well as volunteering for music events at local seniors facilities. 

In addition to piano, Lori has studied flute, clarinet and violin in various capacities.  She enjoys composing and arranging songs for her students.  She creates games and many teacher tools that she uses to keep her students engaged, many which are available on Sheet Music Direct  and Sheet Music Plus   New materials and songs are added regularly.


Lori strives to teach according to the needs of each student's learning style, so each student's learning experience is different.  Instead of teaching from the traditional books, she uses her own compositions and arrangements to teach her students the skills to help them become proficient musicians.  She also takes students' requests for songs and will arrange them at their level.  These songs then become available for sale on Sheet Music Plus, where she has over 160 works currently available.  


 As a composer, Lori has been writing a unique piano instruction program for preschoolers that she is preparing to have published in the near future.  This program was inspired by one of her young students who began as a preschooler.  Lori saw the need for a program that taught music to preschoolers music in a way that preschoolers learn, so has created a very unique preschool piano program to fill that need.  

Lori's biggest inspiration for her composing and arranging are her students.  All her songs and works are dedicated to her students.  

With the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, Lori ventured into teaching online lessons in 2020,  discovering how much she also loves this new style of teaching!   Using a fun, interactive program and her own creativity and games that she creates to use within this program, she keeps her students engaged in learning.  Her students switched to online for most of the 2020-2021 year.  While it was quite an adjustment at first, they all had great success.  We even ended the year with a virtual concert!  While several of her students are returning to in-person lessons, many have chosen to remain online instead!

Meet the Teacher

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