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 Piano Lessons for Teens  

Students will be introduced to the piano keyboard, theory, chords, composing and will learn to play a variety of songs that interest them, increasing in difficulty as they are ready.  They will also be introduced to a variety of styles of playing and styles of music.  This program expands on what they learn in their school music programs, adding in their own musical interests.  Preparation for school music tests and exams as well as university auditions is also available.  


Teens tend to progress at a faster pace than the younger children, and have different interests, so their program is designed differently.  We start with simple songs that they know in a 5-finger format, preferably in pop songs or a genre they love, then progress quickly to working with both hands together.  We work on chord recognition, general theory (or for those who are interested, we will do more in-depth theory as well), and work towards playing more complicated music as they progress. We always go at their pace and follow their interests. For those who wish for assistance for theory tests and performance tests in school music classes, I will also happily help prepare them! We study the music that they are interested in learning, although I do try to encourage them to try some different styles as well.  I work with their learning styles and challenges and move at their pace.  However, I do expect consistent, daily practice at home to help them to be successful and to progress. 

Teens are expected to practice a minimum of 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week between lessons. The more a student practices, the more progress they will make with their lessons.  Lessons are available in person or online.

Grades 6-12
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