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My Adult Program is tailored to the interest of each adult.  While we start out with a 30 minute lesson, ideally a 45 minute lesson works best as we tend to cover more. 


With the adult program, we quickly learn the notes on the staff and then take one of two different routes: 

  1.  Using a book designed for adults and get into chording quickly 

  2. Follow the sheet music route using songs selected of the student's choice (or a book of the Big Note style). 

We would make the choice together at your first or second lesson as to which route you wish to take. 

Most adults learn at a quick pace. However, for those who want or need a slower pace, I will definitely go your pace as well as the lessons are designed specifically to your needs, interests and learning style! 

While it would be great for adults to practice 30 minutes a day 5 days a week, realistically I know many of you lead very busy lives as parents, with work and other busy demands that keep you busy.  So I totally understand if you don't get your full 5 practices in a week.  

 Piano Lessons for Adults 
Ages 18+ years
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